Finest Greek Marble

We bring you the same top quality Greek marble that 4.500 year lasting monuments were built with.

Only the Finest is Good Enough

We are experts in transforming marble into a piece of art due to our dedication and passion for our work. A number of marvelous Greek monuments are made with the finest Greek marbles and after 4500 years we can still find the same fantastic pieces of stone in order to construct your mythical art construction.

Custom Tailored to Your Projects’ Needs

Our longstanding experience in the field of stone, makes us experts in choosing the best quality for your needs. We have the experts who will understand your needs and can suggest to you the best solution for every situation. The more custom tailored a project is the more challenging and interesting it is for us.

Guaranteed Quality & Expertise

Our over 70 years’ experience guarantee that you will be provided with the best quality and the best after sales services. We are here to stay and this is why we have invested in acquiring the factory production control certificate in order to be able to monitor every step of your product during the processing stage.