ExMarm” is specialized in the production, processing and resale of Greek marble worldwide.

Our company headquarters are located in Nea Smyrni, 2 km from the city centre of Athens and our production is in Penteli, 15 km form the city centre. We have a longstanding history of over 70 years in the processing of stone and we constantly aim to improve our techniques by optimizing every step of our production. We can deliver the best products and services to our customers because we understand their needs.

We are active in the whole sale market and we also have strong relationships with engineering offices, thus giving us the opportunity to understand better our customer’s needs. Our company is active abroad having executed projects for an important number of countries in Europe, Americas, Middle East and North Africa. This is proof that our expertise and multicultural mentality has helped us penetrate different markets.

Our vertical production gives us the opportunity to have full quality control over production in order to serve all our clients in the most professional manner. We have all kinds of machines from gang saws and monowires to bridge saws, edge polishers and line polishing machines. With this vast variety of machinery we are able to monitor internally and step by step the processing of each project. As a result we deliver the final product always under strict quality controls which make us confident that we will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.

We have invested also in our after sales services by providing the wholesaler or the engineering office any assistance related to how to treat marble that after many years might need minor or important renovation. We are able to suggest the best products and techniques for the protection or removal of any marks.