In order to offer a higher standard of services to our customers both in the private as well as in the public sector and to ensure that our customers feel confident about our company we decided to invest, by receiving from the state the FPC (Factory Production Control) accreditation.

The FPC accreditation ensures that our company has a permanent internal control of production which is applied by certain steps and procedures. All materials and processing techniques adopted by our company are documented in a systematic manner.

The management of our company permanently monitors the procedures and double checks the production manager in order to ensure the effectiveness of the FPC system. In addition it continuously verifies that all the personnel adheres to all the procedures ensuring compliance with the system.

The main objective of our company is to ensure the perfection of production throughout all the steps of production, namely from the processing of the blocks until the delivery of the final cut to size product.

We are able to ensure:

  • that the production process is in accordance with the required standards,
  • our ability to identify potentially defective products,
  • that the materials are stored in appropriate conditions,
  • that the materials sold from stock are not altered from their production,
  • tracing of our product after it has arrived in the market

We keep full records of our produced goods during all the steps of production and our FPC system keeps track of all matters related to packaging, marking, storage and delivery of the goods.

Our main intention by having obtained the FPC accreditation is to provide our customers with excellent production services as well as after sales services, always in respect with the environmental rules of production.